Chinese Love Story Mural by BlincStudios

Toronto Street Art Graffiti Chinese Valentine’s Day Mural by BlincStudios
created for the Chinatown BIA back in July of 2017. Artists include Allen Bender, John Nobrega, Azadeh Pirazimian & Jieun June Kim. Beautiful wall streetart was created for their 17th annual street festival with the theme of Meeting across The Milky Way”


Chinese Valentine’s Day Mural by BlincStudios

Updated: it’s a folk tale about Chinese Valentine’s Day on July 7th 💕.. ”
Meeting across The Milky Way;” it’s a folktale about Chinese Valentine’s day that officially dated on July 7th each year on lunar calendar, representing love and loyalty between lovers and the supporting surrounding. Traditionally, Chinese also celebrate this day by practicing handicraft. ”
This mural was done back in July of 2017 for the ChinaTown Bia @torontochinatown

This mural was done back in July of 2017 for the ChinaTown Bia @torontochinatown

The credit on the righthand side says “Mural Painted by Blincstudios

Then it lists the artists: Allen Bender, John Nobrega @john.nobrega, Azadeh Pirazimian @azadeh_pirazimian & Jieun June Kim @junekima.rt

I can’t find a Instagram account but their website says “BlincStudios is Allan Bender, John Nobrega and a collective of creative minds and experienced visual artists and artisans ” They seem to do a lot of historical artwork.. and they have a few other murals in Chinatown. (Chinatown has a lot of amazing murals come to think of it).

I don’t know the whole story behind this mural but it was for a summer festival in Chinatown. Its referred to as the famous “Chinese love story”. They mention finding out the story behind this mural on their Twitter account but I can’t find anything more than the teaser.

Would like to know more.. I will update if I find out the story. It is a beautiful mural.

( This photo is from October 8th, 2017 that I meant to post… btw.. )


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