about this site

About this street art website.

Street Art Photographs by Bret Kelly. This site is really about the street art that I have come across over the years. The pictures and videos go as far back as 2010 but I really didn’t get into this form of artwork until late in 2015.

I chose to name this site with my name as opposed to finding an URL with the words ‘street art’ or ‘graffiti’ in it. Even, though its all of the pictures that I have taken of this artwork – I don’t claim to be an authority on it. Its simply what I have seen with my eyes and taken pictures on. Most are taken from my cellphone.

Street art and graffiti journey

That is what this site aims to show. Just how I have experienced the street art scene in Toronto. I have lived in the city for many years and never realized what an incredible array of talented artists that are in our city.

I give the artists credit whenever possible but sometimes there isn’t anyway to credit them especially with graffiti tags.

The information that I have provided is to the best of my knowledge. However, I don’t claim to be an expert. If I am incorrect with anything.. please let me know.

Toronto art from my view

Over the last couple of years I have walked probably thousands of mile sand have captured as many murals, graffiti, sculptures and everything in between. This is the result of that journey that I thought would be interesting to share.

I am working forwards and backwards which might seem a little confusing.. but its the only way I can get the site going. I am posting pictures from 2015 and also from the present. Eventually, I will be all caught up. Its a very time consuming project so it might take awhile before I can get all my archives online.




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