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Sticker Slaps

Sticker slaps found around Toronto, Canada. Usually, the kind that are adhesive with distinct artistic designs. Some are wheat based paste ups. Usually they are used to promote products or a website. Others are just created for no reason and done for the sheer fun of it.

Stickers and wheat paste are not a traditional form of street art and some could be considered illegal depending on where they are placed. A building owner could be fined by the city for ‘graffiti’ if they are considered an eyesore.

These tend to be found on poles –  as in parking sign poles, other times they appear on newsboxes and even in telephone booths. The wheat paste based sticker slaps are very difficult to remove and sometimes have to be scrapped off.

Generally, they fade over time and peel and fall over. This type of art is very temporary by some do stay around for years and years.