Aerosol artwork Vizla Bacon

Aerosol artwork by Vizla Bacon for a project organized by Nick Sweetman. This was for a project that had flowers and butterflies to show how they pollinate.

Art project on garage doors featuring graffiti spray artists

Aerosol artwork Vizla Bacon Aerosol artwork Vizla Bacon


More flowers from Monday.. by @vizsla_bacon .. its to the left of the butterfly that he did (that I posted)… it looks amazing along this fence… it wraps around the corner.

Again, this is a butterfly project that was done over the weekend by a ton of local artists. Its really wonderful to see because you go under a bridge, then there’s a path that takes you into this open park with transformers and a garden. All these garage ports overlook the park and they used to be all blank canvasses and now they are covered with wonderful butterflies and flowers. It has do with pollination. There is a park behind this area and walking past these murals is a beatiful sight.

Artwork photos captured on 06/19/17 at locations below:

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