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Bee Mural Westin Harbord Castle Hotel

Bee Mural Westin Harbord Castle Hotel

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I checked this out past weekend. This huge mural is inside a hotel right where they keep live bees.

It’s kinda neat to this area .. they have a couple of ‘hives’ with actual bees making honey. The hotel has some information about the different types of bees.. They explain the difference between a honey bee and a bumble bee.. I did not know this ! Says that “there are over 800 species of native bees in Canada.

Bees are very important for pollination… and apparently “bumblebees are a declining species everywhere, and some species are under the threat of extinction” !

savethebees !

Nick Sweetman @nick_sweetman is the artist that I am assuming painted the bees in on this wall. He has a thing for bees (and pollinators in general) ! Not only is he helping butterflies with his laneway project for the David Suzuki Foundation (which I still have to post..). he’s saving the bees as well. Not to be a cliche.. but Nick is as busy as a bee.. this guy just doesn’t rest..

The artists all did an amazing job with this mural. I’m sure the bees love it.!

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I found this article about helping the bees

“So what can you do to help the bees?

The city’s tips for creating a pollinator-friendly garden include: planting native plants and plants that continuously bloom from spring to fall, avoiding pesticides, minimizing garden manicuring, preventing the spread of invasive species, and providing a shallow dish of water.

Also rather than calling an exterminator if you do see a bee hive or swarm developing on your property, there are a number of local bee rescues that humanely remove bees.”

I found this video where they show the bees making honey

Collecting Honey from the Bees!

Our bees are getting ready to 'hibernate' for the winter – the beekeepers have collected the honey and are closing the hives down as they get ready to bundle up for a cozy winter season!

Posted by The Westin Harbour Castle, Toronto on Monday, September 12, 2016

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