Birdo Artivism mural project

Birdo Artivism mural project in west end of Toronto. There are two by this artist at this location. The aerosol spray graffiti was done in June of 2016


Another @loveletterprojects 💦 by @jerryrugg


Birdo Artivism mural projec

I should have posted this first — as its next to the cigar smoking eel which is next to the previous one that I just posted with the cargo. (but I didn’t!) .
On his feed he says this is a Butler’s Gartersnake 🐍 and an endangered species which, I wasn’t aware. .

Thinking about it now and you don’t see these very often anymore. You used to find them in peoples backyards all the time.. but you don’t anymore . They are harmless and stay close to water.

Again, done back in June of last year and another that is apart of @pangeaseed @seawalls_ ARTivism ! .
If you follow Birdo he doesn’t do ‘stories’ very often.. but when he does do them ! They are best stories ever ! 💯 Definitely worth following for the Birdo head alone ! 👍

Art Mural discovered at this Toronto location:


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