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Public Street Artwork

Public street artwork photos captured in Toronto, Canada. Images of large and small murals that are done with aersol spray sometimes referred to as graffiti but is wonderful artwork. Large scale murals are sometimes financed by a local business that is trying to promote its services.

Small murals may be as simple as a design on the front of a store, even on the door or at the entrance. Vans are included in this broad category as well as sculptures.

Large scale murals don’t take as long to make as one would except. Most of the hardwork goes into the planning. Some huge murals can take as little time as a week.

Murals that are several stories high generally need a lift so that the artist can work without having to climb up and down a ladder. However, some murals will only be done by the use of a ladder which is very time consuming.

Artists will wear masks to protect themselves from the aerosol spray as it can cause health problems.

Collab Mural Ahayahisone & Rowellsoller

Toronto Graffiti Street Art

🎨 Phillip A Saunders @ahayahisone & @rowellsoller ( πŸ“· November 2018) . Collaboration @ahayahisone & @rowellsoller I’ve been passing this wall for a few years now.. Every time I went by I thought in my head.. “that really needs a new mural”. The one that was there was pretty much …

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Elephant Mural by Anya Mielniczek

Toronto Graffiti Street Art

🎨 by Anya Mielniczek @anyamielniczek 🐘 I got to finally meet Anya this past weekend while she was working on this mural ! She’s even cooler in person ! This wall mural is really amazing to see in person. Tt wasn’t quite complete on the weekend, so I popped back …

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