Garage door collaboration

Garage door collaboration in the west end with regular aerosol spray partners Birdo and Mr. Tensoe. They have been doing these together for a long time


3D artwork in back alleyway

Garage door collaboration

Took a detour yesterday and ended up in an alleyway that I have walked by but never been down before.. found all these garage doors that I haven’t seen.. and a wall mural by Birdo. Think these were done awhile ago .. but when ? I do not know. 📡

Says “birdo dmc” @jerryrugg on the left
“phil pans tens2” @mr_tensoe2 on the right

This one is pretty awesome.. very 3D with a discoball on the left and a lavalamp on the right (why aren’t there emojis for those items?) _ 🔮

Artwork photo captured on 06/26/17 at the location below:

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