Jerry Rugg Birdo Fish Mural

Jerry Rugg Birdo Aerosol Fish Mural found in laneway in west end Toronto. Graffiti spray artwork on garage door done back in late 2015 as graff prevention


Jerry Rugg Birdo Fish Mural

Toronto Street Art Graffiti

Another Birdo aka @jerryrugg that I thought I had posted last year. but I didn’t.

I think I didn’t post it in 2016 because it was a dull day and the photo didn’t turn out that well. For some reason on Friday I decided to go down this alleyway again. I couldn’t remember if it was a dead end or not. BTW.. It was a dead end.

Sometimes the sun hits these artworks perfectly and this is one of those times. The orange background just popped out. That fish with that moon rock just stood out.

For those that don’t know the city. There are a lot of these back alleyway mazes all across the city. They are all connected to the streets – so that the cars can access them via the garages where they are parked. (I find it ironic that you find the least amount of cars in the city is where people actually park them). There are too many cars in this city BTW – IMHO.

Most of the time if you follow a path you will find that it connects to another street.. but sometimes they don’t and you have to walk all the way back to where you started from. Its kinda like a human version of Pac Man.. and sometimes you actually have to get out of the way of the oncoming cars. Wasn’t there a movie called Maze Runner ? (its not really like that.. but its a maze nonetheless)

Sometimes you go down a Maze path and you find nothing.. just rows and rows of blank garage doors. Other times you go down and you find nothing but row after row of graffiti all over the garage doors. Then and only sometimes you get lucky and they all have artwork on them. And that is what you are looking for.

This particular alley way only had two garage doors that had art on them. This one did and the one next to it did. The one next to it was by Poser ABM with a Bunny on it.. & I actually posted that one back in 2015..

And that is a TRUE STORY !


Toronto Street Art Graffiti Found at this Location:



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