Ness Lee Construction Mural

Toronto Graffiti Street Art Mural by Ness Lee outside Construction site found in west end. She incorporated text to give this artwork a meme type theme

Ness Lee Construction Mural

Toronto Graffiti Street Art Mura



This is out of context because there is an even larger mural to the left of this.
There are about 8 figures similar to this – males and females all intertwined.. All in black and white with the female looking characters with longer hair.

There is scaffolding obstructing the view of the entire mural. I could post it… but all the metal criss cross poles are all you would see. Its where a house is being built. I think this is fairly recent because I get my hair cut across the street. This smaller section is to the left and she added the text and of course signed her name. But I recognized her style immediately.

Here it is anyway:

Toronto Graffiti Street Art Mura

I posted one of her murals back in the spring. She did one for the release of the Netflix series “Orange is the new black”. A lot of her art is black and white with faces like this one. Very simple and striking at the same time.


Found this today.. and thought that there used to be a billboard advertisement in this same spot. I used to live off of this street so I know the area really well. It's says Standup and had the hashtag #oitnb on it that I googled and its for the new season of @oitnb which, is of course a show on Netflix. They did another mural last year right across from an old apartment of mine for the show Get Down (still haven't seen that one). Its by @nessleee a local artist who says "Ness Lee is a noodle lovin' pot stickin' son-of-a-bun from Toronto, Ontario." Which, is good enough for me ! And Ness just did I Colab with Jerry Rugg that I can't wait to see. I guess this sort of straddles the line …is it art ? is it advertising ? is it both ? does it matter? I didn't care for the show .. but I really like this mural ! Apparently, there are 8 cities in the world with this character by different local artists. Very clever campaign ! #6ixwalks #art #mural #muralsdaily #rsa_graffiti #tv_streetart #Graff #graffitiporn #artists #streetart #streetartist #streetartistry #handpainted  #urban #wallgraffiti #wallporn #urbanart #urbanexploration #explore #artmural #ihaveathingforwalls #instagraffiti #instagraff #graffitiart #pasteup #instaart #throwup #painter #urbexphotography

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This was a paste up and has the words Stand Up with the has tag #OITNB for of course Orange is the new black.

She does a lot of illustrations but seems to be moving into some street art this year. She had an art show last year that I checked out in the summer. Very diverse artist.

From her Instagram: Ness Lee is a noodle lovin’ pot stickin’ son-of-a-bun from Toronto, Ontario.

Toronto Graffiti Street Art Found at this Location





Can’t believe I missed this mural. I was right around the corner and didn’t think to look down this alleyway. I will have to go back to see if this artwork is still there. Hopefully, it hasn’t been tagged.


Toronto Graffiti Street Art Found at this Location:





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