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Young Jarus “The Dream” Wall Mural

Young Jarus "The Dream" Wall Mural

🎨 “The Dream” by @youngjarus With Rudjer 🛌

Toronto Graffiti Street Art
Young Jarus “The Dream” Wall Mural

So I posted this same mural by Jarus on November 6th, 2015… and it was one of the first ones that got me interested in street art– to be honest.. this portrait is spectacular. I’ve crossed the street several times to get another photo of this.

However… in the last 3 years.. every time I walk by this mural… there are cars parked in front of it.. sometimes one.. sometimes two.. and once even three.

Then, just last week.. I went by and there wasn’t a single vehicle parked in front.. but.. the sun was starting to set.. and then it started snowing.. I was like.. really ?? WTF ?! Needless to say my pictures turned out crap.

BUT.. a few days after that.. I passed by again.. and guess what ? Not a single car. So I was snapping away.. and guess what ? a car pulled up.. wanting to park in front of this mural.. I stood my ground and managed to get a few shots..including this one.

I ended up talking to the driver.. apparently he’s the food delivery guy.. so, I got lucky that he was coming back from a delivery !

On his account he’s got a better photo from the roof .. and it looks like he did this back in November 2014.. He’s got 2,318 likes on his post.. and some of the comments are interesting.


Like these:

“topless1I saw this the other day and had to get out of my to car. I was awestruck. ❤️Toronto needs more of you so get back here. 😁”

“vyaloneThis piece has been all over ig and with good reason…. I wana lay next to her … such a good job on this bro… cheers .!”

“samagram12Fucken sick homie your killin it out there keep it up! @youngjarus”

Check out his account.. he just did another amazing mural in India !

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