Young Jarus & Tribute Mural

Graffiti Young Jarus Tribute Mural found Toronto. Michael Jackson art was done for famous singer. Statue aerosol artwork is stunning paint quality original


Street Art Graffiti by Subway Station

Toronto Street Art Graffiti

😎 Collaboration 🎨 between @youngjarus & @vizsla_bacon done back in May 2012..

I like reading some of the comments from when this was posted

This one speaks to both of these guys

“As far as talent goes your in a league of few… Love your work, your pics left me speechless”

They did that King Midas mural together.. that same year…

Took a picture of this yesterday and back in June… I would like to get a better picture of it.. but its by the subway station .. and I would have to trespass and then the security men would come over and ask me tough questions.. and I would have to make stuff up and they would know I wasn’t telling the truth.. Then, I would have to explain I was trying to get a better picture of this and they would look at me like I was crazy…

But trust me.. one day I will get a better picture… someday somehow…😄😄😄😄😄


Toronto Graffiti Street Art found at this location


Michael Jackson Graffiti Tribute Mural

Toronto Street Art Graffiti

This is a Throwback that I should have posted last week. Everyone was posting pictures of Michael Jackson who was born on August 29,1959…

Did you know he still has an Instagram account @michaeljackson

I just found this picture last week.. Its from November 17, 2015.. It the summer it gets obscured by shrubs and weeks that grow all along this mural.

I don’t know who did this mural either.. I am guess it was done back in 2009 the year he passed away.. it has on older images of Michael on the left and one of him when he was in the group with his brothers.. The Jackson 5.

If just says.. “Rest in Peace – 1959 – 2009”

I think I still have the Vinyl Reissue of Thriller that came out in 2008..

Toronto Graffiti Street Art found at this location




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