Collaboration Chinatown

Beautiful mural collaboration in Chinatown by Li Hill who is now based out of Brooklyn and PA System who are Patrick Thompson his partner Alexa Hatanaka


Large wall mural for the BIA of Chinatown

Collaboration in Chinatown


I’ve seen this when I go by on the streetcar quite a lot.. but haven’t seen it up close.
Its in the heart of Chinatown. My normal walking 🚢 routes usually take me north or south of this. Finally, yesterday by accident I stumbled upon it.

Collaboration in Chinatown

I thought this was done in 2012… its by @thepasystem & @li_hill for the Chinatown BIA (info credit to @homestreethome21). It has the city of Toronto logo.. so, its been commissioned.

Collaboration in Chinatown

Its very large 🎨.. ! I took it in 3 sections. Amazing work ! Perfect for the location as well

This multiple photo πŸ“· post order goes right ➑️ to left β¬… and it was raining β˜” and I had an umbrella πŸŒ‚ like the last image 😁when I took this πŸ“·


Artwork mural discovered at this Toronto location:


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