Superhero Streetart Murals

Superhero Streetart Murals near High Park Toronto. Aerosol artwork features classic characters as well as dedication to local zoo with colourful animals


Master Mechanic Toronto Graffiti Street Art


Toronto Street Art Graffiti

I realized ‘ve been taking photos of this mechanic shop and the art for almost 2 years now and I’ve only posted one of the photos from it.

They always have inspirational messages outside on the billboard, so I am a collection of all the wonderful memes…

High Park Aerosol Mural

Toronto Street Art Graffiti

This is the back of the garage and I never know what to make of this one. Its got Oscar the Grouch on the trash bin. There it looks like a ram, a peacock and some other animals including a dog.

Its @magicfinngawong and it was done back in May of 2014. The post of his Instagram says it “bring High Park zoo to light outside local busines”. That would make sense.. so these are some of the actual animals that are in the zoo that is close by.

Its very coluorful and it always catches my eye when I pass.


Superhero Streetart Mural


Toronto Street Art Graffiti

Here’s the front part that has a lot of superheroes on the entrance. This is a corner shot that I took back in February. I don’t know all my characters but I know its Batman, Spiderman, Captain America and that is Wonder Woman.

Toronto Street Art Graffiti

There is the shot that I posted earlier of Wonder Woman. They also have a bust of her in the front window. They must have been pleased with the movie.

Toronto Street Art Graffiti

There are other characters on the side of the building as well.


One is Superman ….

Toronto Street Art Graffiti

These characters are in the middle of the entrance…

Toronto Street Art Graffiti

I honestly, don’t know what character this is.


Toronto Street Art Graffiti

Then on the side of the building is a smaller mural with these two French Bulldogs that are in the middle of a pair of cars… The credit on the side says.. Skam and ArtChild

Toronto Street Art Graffiti

Toronto Street Art Graffiti

There is another mural a little further down .. which doesn’t list the artist but it says StartArtToronto.


Toronto Street Art Graffiti


Here are so the signs that change almost every week. Here are a few starting with March.

Here is the reason for these signs

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Laugh As Much as you breath & love as much as you live !


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Toronto Street Art Captured at this location

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