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Tranzac Club Wall Expressions

Tranzac Club Wall Expressions aerosol mural project with 2 by female artists. Toronto graffiti street art by Muisca plus unknown artist working late at night

Tranzac Club Wall Expressions Street Art Project


Another before and after

Toronto Street Art Graffiti

Top photo is @_muisca_ working on her mural on the 16th of September

Toronto Street Art Graffiti

Bottom photo is one I took yesterday afternoon..

From her account :β˜„πŸ’—β˜„New Muisca bebe in the Annex as part Wall Expressions! HUGE gracias to @missladyoops, @spud1_spudbomb and the amazing @start_streetartoronto team for the great event and having me as one of the artists beautifying the neighborhood. Honoured to have a piece in this alley and painted alongside very talented artists. Feliz! β˜„πŸ’—:


Beautiful Work ! Great color choices ! 🎨 I said hello the day that she was working on it. She was very focussed and just said a quick hello back. They have to wear a mask when they are working because of the aerosol fumes. Unfortunately, it can be cancer causing overtime.



I’ll add these photos since I took this at the same location.

Another artist was supposed to paint a mural on this wall.. but he wasn’t able to do it in time for the project which had to be complete by September 30th.

I was passing through this alley just at sunset and noticed this artist working almost in the dark. I chatted with her briefly but she really didn’t have time to talk. I don’t know who she is. I will find out and update this post later.

Unknown Street Artists

Toronto Street Art Graffiti

This is the photo that I took when she was working with another unknown partner. This picture was taken around 7:30pm on Thursday.

Toronto Street Art Graffiti

This is the finished mural that I took around 6pm on Friday. She turned it around really quickly.

It was SpudBomb’s event to celebrate the Annex area of Toronto.

I went to the event for the unveiling of another mural and talked to the lady who runs the club.. I have never been inside until yesterday. She said that it had be running since the 1970’s as a music and rehearsal space.. very interesting.

Toronto Street Art Graffiti Located Here:


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