Artwork all around the city

Artwork all around the city featuring some of the artists working live including Nick Sweetman who was working on a lift for his massive bee mural on Bloor St.


Another art video πŸŽ₯ with graffiti

The ones I know : .
1) @uber5000 – and his amazing πŸ˜‰ bird 🐦 that’s always so happy 😊 .
2) @mintyburns – who does some really cool 😎 stuff on trucks and vans .

3) @nick_sweetman – who did that fish 🐟 and that’s him working on his bee 🐝.. he’s all about the bees 🐝#savethebees .
4). @skamoney – graffiti burning in an alley 🎨

5). @spud1_spudbomb from a school yard .

6) the guy who got disssed – i dunno πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ who he is – but I felt really bad for him.. he spent a lot of time working on this 🎨 mural and 24 hours later it was destroyed .

7) the David Suzuki mural – was for @pangeaseed and @loveletterprojects .

8) The last was one of the first murals that I noticed but it’s around a fence now.. .by OCAD by
Was going to wait until morning to post this but I’m not because i wanted to sleep in 😴

I did the soundtrack again from loops πŸ”Š which, is the most fun of doing these videos.. . .
Hope you enjoy 😊.. it takes a lot of time to do these πŸŽ₯.. as does the 🎨.. .

Artwork found all over the city of Toronto



shalak attack art mural

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