Ravine tagging by Young Jarus

Ravine tagging by Young Jarus found in 2015 but looks like he did it back in February of 2014. Not even sure how he was able to get in that spot under the bridge

Young Jarus tag 🎨

with another that I wasn’t sure it if was his work or not.. but I pretty much assumed that it was by him — because it does have his name on it. JARUS — to the left.. .
The first picture 📷 was taken on September 16 of last year and the second was on October 7th of 2016..

Ravine tagging by Young Jarus
Scouring his Instagram account — this was done back in January of 2014 with Orek. .
To put this in context.. this is a river 💦 that is usually green and covered with all sorts of pollution and cars 🚗 going by.. so, this is beautiful in comparison to the surroundings. .

Anyway.. just showing a different side of the same artist.. and amazed that he was able to climb these walls to get all this graff on here.. .
When the sunlight ☀️ hits this spot . — So awesome 👏🏼 2 see



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