Robot Kin & Ness Lee Underpass Park Murals

Robot Kin & Ness Lee Underpass Park Murals

Underpass Park Mural Project

More from the Underpass. Even though most of these were done in the summer of 2015 I just saw them for the first time this week. I was surprised that most of them were tag free after all these years. A few of them were tagged but the majority of them were in good shape !

Fonkiworld Mural

This is the only mural that was all by itself. The rest of the columns are in groups of 3 or 4. I’m not sure if this is a new one or not. There wasn’t any art to the right or left of it. I looked around the back and there wasn’t any art there either. Just the front of this pillar. I couldn’t find a credit either. If you know who did this one.. let me know.

Updated ! I found who this was by !

Make Noize Graffiti

I found this to the right of the one about. It’s “MAKENOIZE FAIREBRUIT
Montreal based artist. Concrete sculpture, welding, graphic design, street art, skate. My family. “

It has nothing to do with the Underpass Park Project.. they must have gone to skate there !

Robot Kin Murals

“Jason Botkin EnMasse Founder, Global Muralist & Activist”

I didn’t realize that he was the Enmasse Founder. What they do is put a group of artists together and let them jam. All of the murals that they paint are in black and white.


The project is based out of Montreal but they paint in other cities including Toronto. En Masse does both outdoor and indoor murals.

These are hard to photograph because they are so many things happening in one mural. It’s fun to see these in person and you can see all the details.

Ness Lee Mural

One of the artists who has participated in an En Masse Project is Ness Lee. Most of her work is black and white as well.

Nick Sweetman & Fiya Collaboration Mural

This collab between Nick Sweetman and Fiya is incredible. I didn’t realize it was by both of them until I went to Nick’s Instagram.

“This mural is dedicated to all women who have experienced abuse or violence and live with the memory of those experiences, and especially to those who have experienced the secondary outrage of having others remain silent instead of standing up and speaking out.”

Nick Sweetman

Jerry Rugg aka Birdo

This one by Jerry Rugg was tagged but not too bad.

Aura & Chief Lady Bird Murals

This pillar mural was created by two sisters. Chief Lady Bird and Monique Aura.

They have some mirrors suspended to.. I guess so that skateboarders can see themselves? I took a selfie ! Why not !

I’ll post more of the mural soon.. I wish I had taken better shots.. but there were so many it took forever to capture them all. If you are that area.. check it out. It isn’t as busy in the winter as it is in the summer.. so go if you are looking for some colour during the winter months.

Toronto Street Art Graffiti Found Here:

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