Urban Exploration September 2019 Artwork

Urban Exploration September 2019

Some recent finds from the last few days. Mural season was really busy this summer so I am catching up with everything. I still have more to check out.. but here we go

Blinc Studios Dragon Mural

🎨 Allan Bender @blinc_studios & John Nobrega @blindeye_74 & Stacey Kinder @staceykinderart 🐉

Saw this really amazing mural on Friday ..

I don’t know the whole story behind it.. but it’s pretty impressive.

The cityscape looks like it’s from the early 1900’s and the sign on the storefront on the left says “Cut Rate Drugstone”.

I didn’t watch Game of Thrones.. but they had dragons I think..

🐉 🐉 🐉 🐉 🐉

Toronto Street Art Graffiti Found Here:

Juli McMillo Bell Box Mural

I went back after meeting Juli Mc Millo and saw her final Bell Box Mural celebrating Martha and the Muffins. Unfortunately, it was dark when I went by.. but her mural looks incredible. !

Toronto Street Art Graffiti Found Here:

LuvSumone & Javid Jah

This mural by LuvSumone & Javid Jah is actually inside the mall across from Yonge Dundas Square.

Javid Jah did the left side

and LuvSumone the right.

Toronto Street Art Graffiti Found Here:

Crazy Mister Sketch Mural

I found this garage door by ‘Crazy Mister Sketch’. There was another one by Paul Jackson here a month ago.. It must of got tagged.

Urban Artist, Graffiti Writer & Explorer. Based in Innsbruck – Travelling the world.

Found this on his website:

“Painting and drawing was pretty much always my thing, so naturally when I found out that it could be done on walls, I had to try. I am an urban artist and graffiti writer from Innsbruck and I go by Sketch. I like to use elements from oldschool graffiti as well as graphic design, realism, typography, nature and comic books. After a few active years in the urban art scene, I started offering comission works in and around Innsbruck and I started to travel abroad to paint. So, with my passion for painting walls came a passion for travel, photography and exploration. Today I paint in large cities as well as in places that this artform has not yet reached – but always with style, presicion and an eye for detail.”

Crazy Mister Sketch

I found this in graffiti alley that is also by Crazy Mister Sketch.

Kate Domina Mural

I didn’t even know that Kate Domina did garage doors but here it is.

From her website:

“Kate Domina is a Toronto based figurative painter. Using children and adolescents as her subjects, she incorporates classical representational oil painting techniques with whimsical and often ambiguous narratives. Her critical theory fixation (Lacan, Freud and Jung specifically) weaves it’s way into her work, evolving her portraits into studies of human frailty, and often, neurosis. Domina has training from the University of Toronto, Sheridan College and Ontario College of Art and Design.”

Kate Domina

Fox Mural

This is down the same alley as the previous garage door murals.

Owl Mural

And this Owl is near the fox !

Toronto Street Art Graffiti Found Here:

Faces Wheatpaste Graffiti

Someone has been putting these faces all over town. They look like they mix up different images to create new faces.

Toronto Street Art Graffiti Found Here:

Nick Sweetman & Christina Mazzulla

I finally got (almost) clean photo of Nick Sweetman & Christina Mazzulla’s collaboration. They did this one back in June but there’s been a big black truck parked in the spot every I go by.

I’ll do another post soon with all the murals from this Butterfly Laneway project that Nick puts together every year.

Toronto Street Art Graffiti Found Here:

Yorkville Murals

This is been an ongoing mural project in Yorkville. They are going to have a big reveal weekend after next. That is Peru143 at the top of the stairs.

From their site:

“Toronto’s Yorkville Murals aims to be an annual three-day cultural event that celebrates contemporary muralism and public art. Through the creation of artistic murals inside the courtyard of 99 Yorkville Ave, and the implementation of cultural activations such as artist installations and movie screenings, this project focuses on making Yorkville a landmark in Toronto for contemporary muralism and an ultimate tourist destination.”

Yorkville Murals

Here are the artists that have finished their murals so far with more on the way.

What is Adam

From his website:

“whatisadam (WIA) is a Canadian urban artist based in Montreal. Canadian infused street art.”


Ola Volo

From her website:

“Ola Volo is a Kazakh Canadian artist,[1] best known as a public muralist.[2] Her style blends aspects of Eastern European folk art with a focus on pattern and narrative to depict fantasy scenes.”

Ola Volo

Ben Johnston

From his website:

“Born in Canada and raised in South Africa, Ben brings a diverse sense of influence to his work – finding inspiration from the small cultural nuances to societal differences that he encounters throughout his travels.”

Getso Facto

His Bio:

Getso is a world renown graffiti artist and designer who has painted all over the world. Currently based in Toronto, Getso generally focuses on traditional graffiti letter structure and colour theory, but also has roots for well over a decade in various forms of muralism.”

StartArt Toronto

Mr Brainwash

And finally, there is a pasteup by Mr. Brainwash. He was featured in the Banksy movie “Exit Through the Gift Shop”.

Toronto Street Art Graffiti Found Here:

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