Bruno Smoky Traffic Box

Bruno Smoky Traffic Box north of High Park in another park. The wrap around effect is really interesting. His colors and designs are captivating


Colorful artwork with mushrooms

Bruno Smoky Traffic Box

Traffic 🚥 Signal 📶 Box 🎁 by @brunosmoky – the left side with the mushroom 🍄 is the side that faces the street. The right side with the house 🏠 faces the park.

The left side has his website address which is and you can find all about him there 🇧🇷🇨🇦 . Curious why there are so many houses in his artwork…🏠 ? This was done ✅ In 2014

I have been semi-looking for this one for awhile…. @li_ongrevier has it on her account. But she had it geo-tagged as High Park. I go by or through High Park all the time so I couldn’t figure out why I hadn’t see it. It is near High Park just a little north of the park. I decided to do some more exploring yesterday.. and by chance went north and there it was !

I could have asked where it was.. but I think its more fun to find stuff like this by chance..


Utility Artbox found at this Toronto location:

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