Butterfly Project Street Art

Butterfly Project Video Clip

Butterfly Project Street Art Video Clip


Butterflies with garage doors by various street artists organized by Nick Sweetman for the David Suzuki foundation in  a ravine park in Toronto.

Lately, I’ve noticed that I’m being followed around by monarch butterflies all over the city. At first I thought it was a coincidence but its been almost every day over the last week. They are on major busy downtown streets and yesterday by the lake. They flutter right up me then begin circling me like I am a flower.  I think August is their normal migration time . Maybe all this rain made all these plants grow which attracted these all insects ? Just my thoughts…

The Monarch butterflies reminded me that I haven’t posted many of the pictures that I took back in June. The reason that I didn’t post a lot of them is that they honestly weren’t very good – the artwork is terrific, my photography not so much. That day I had walked about 4 miles and by the time I got to the place where these garage doors are, I was exhausted. Plus, I had to walk another 4 miles to get home. I took pictures very quickly and walked back home

The great thing about pictures that aren’t that good.. they can be turned in to a video that isn’t so bad and that is what this is. I guess you could say I am making lemonade out of butterfly pictures.  I managed to take a couple of video clips that day in spite of my arching feet, those are at the beginning and end of the video.

This was a project organized by @nick_sweetman who I got to meet last month. It was for @davidsuzukiFDN which is ” dedicated to protecting the diversity of nature.”. Nick got all these local artists to come and work on these garage doors. They had 16 garages at the beginning but when the other homeowners saw artwork they ended up with 28 murals.

That is the video of great artwork with not so great photos. (I will have to get my feet back up there to take better photos).


Here are the photos that I put in the video — in order…


Street Artwork Garage Photos in Order


Butterfly Project Street Art

1) @mksa on the left @tuffytats on the right


Butterfly Project Street Art

2) close up of @mska

Butterfly Project Street Art

3) @ahayahisone

Butterfly Project Street Art

4) This is another butterfly by @andreamanica – its apart of another mural project. It was damaged – so she replaced the original crab with this butterfly


Butterfly Project Street Art

5) @crwales66


Butterfly Project Street Art

6) @luvsumone


Butterfly Project Street Art

7) @blackburnjeff


Butterfly Project Street Art

8) @vizsla_bacon


Butterfly Project Street Art

9) @smugugly


Butterfly Project Street Art

10) @anyamielniczek


Butterfly Project Street Art

11) @adrianhayles


Butterfly Project Street Art

12) Sticker slap that I saw on Bloor St where the butterflies were following me.


13) Then that is the actual butterfly that was following me by the lake yesterday


Butterfly Project found at this Toronto Location


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