Clandestinosart working live

Clandestinosart working live and this is a picture of them working in the rain with ladders. Very dedicated and amazing that they can this types of murals


Bruno Smoky and Shalak Attack working on mural

Bruno Smoky and Shalak Attack working onf mural


Thrilled to have finally seen @shalakattack & @brunosmoky working together as @clandestinosart . That’s her on the left ⬅ working on the ladder and him on the ↪ right.

I got to speak briefly to them. I felt like an old fanboy and didn’t know what to say. With parents who are both artists and art teachers I learned at an early age to not bother people when they are in their process. Also, its not a good idea to have a conversation with someone when they are up high on a ladder !

I feel so dumb now.. I should have taken way more photos and asked so many more questions. I actually, didn’t think I would get to see them because I got caught it a massive rainstorm on the way home. They were working in the rain with the lightning in the distance. It was amazing to see them creating. Can’t believe that they are able to work in the rain on ladders ! Wow ! Very friendly as well. Appreciate that they let their fans know where they are going to be working so, that we can see them in action. Its very kind of them to do that.

Anyway, it’s a really fantastic mural. So glad I will get to this every week now, (this is on my walking route home that I have been taking forever). Its on the side of bicycle shop that used to be a convenience store.

Its a fox riding a bicycle.. there’s more to the left that I didn’t capture with more of Bruno’s houses. I will be taking more pictures of this tomorrow !

Thanks again @shalakattack & @brunosmoky !


Artwork photo captured at the Toronto location below:


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