Be Happy with Cool Artwork

Be Happy with Cool Artwork. Just a silly video compilation that I did for Instagram. It has some street art pictures in it which is why I am sharing it. Enjoy the video


Video montage featuring street art

Be HAPPY the best you can.. And that is all this video 📹 is about.

These are the things that make me happy… Art 🎨 people.. Buildings 🏢 .. Even watching cars 🚗 in traffic and sunset 🌇 and the 🌑 and fall colors and going on vacation and the city and watching airplanes ✈ and making cheesy videos.
It’s the best I can do.
Which is why I think it was amazing that everyone went out and protested today… And I will choose my words carefully… And do not misinterpret anything I write.
Doing what do did today was amazing.. But after living off of Yonge St (the busiest street in Canada 🍁) for most of my adult life. Honestly, demonstrations are a daily occurrence.. When I crossed the street at any given time ⌚ I was probably supporting everything from abortion to pot etc.. I know people feel good because they feel like they have done something. And these marches make the news.
However.. I honestly think.. And this is only my opinion.. I think people could make a bigger difference by looking at the companies that they are supporting with their money 💵 and also with their data… I hope that you take a close look at what is right in front of you.
I think maybe a little less selfies and a little more looking at the bigger picture will go a long way
My 2 cents .. .I will credit the art 🎨 that I know in order

1) Someone wrote “don’t worry – be happy 😊” on a wall on Roncy and signed it – Wilson Massey
2) @uber5000 because that bird 🐦 always makes me happy 😊
3) I found that one with the Taj Mahal today and dunno who it’s by
4) @ansermysteriousdate.. Which is always a good find
5) @shalakattack.. Because she does amazing art 🎨 and everywhere I look 👀 .


Artwork found all over the city of Toronto





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