June 2020 Urban Exploration Finds

Jieun June Kim Street Art Mural

June 2020 Street Art Finds

I haven’t posted much lately because of the lockdown. Even though Toronto is still in Stage One — some of the street artists have been working on new murals. I came across so much new street art last week that I will have to break this into two posts. This first one is semi-Pride month inspired and the second will be Black Lives Matters artwork.

Siobhan Waldock Street Art Mural

Some of the businesses downtown boarded up their windows for various reasons. This is a business called “Spruce: Home & Lifestyle Goods”. Siobhan Waldock, an artist that I haven’t seen before did this mural.

Their picture of the mural turned out better than mine.

Toronto Graffiti Street Art Located Here:

Rowan Red Sky Street Art Mural

Another new to me artist Rowan Red Sky painted this mural on the front of a dry cleaner. It’s for Toronto Pride.

Here is a brief description from their Instagram”
The feminized person in my submission is crouching near a carbonized log, breathing ‘POWER’ into the flames. Their hair is whipped about their head by the wind. The red willow staff at their side represents a creative power that can negotiate the tense spaces between the hyper-feminine (water) and the hyper-masculine (fire). The addition of a face mask to the character immediately connects with the lockdown experience and the restrictions of our new COVID-19 reality. However, the mask does not act as a barrier to this individual’s flow of power.

Toronto Graffiti Street Art Located Here:

Yᗩᔕᗩᗰᗩᑎ ᗰEᕼᖇᔕᗩ Street Art Mural

The Church Street BIA commissioned a few street artists to paint the boarded up shop fronts for Toronto Pride and Yᗩᔕᗩᗰᗩᑎ ᗰEᕼᖇᔕᗩ painted this one.

Her picture turned out better than mine !

Jieun June Kim Street Art Mural

Around the corner from Yasaman is this mural by Jieun June Kim. Again, apart of the Church Street BIA Pride Project.

Toronto Graffiti Street Art Located Here:

One Day Creates Mural

This corner is right across from CITYTV and there is always a mural of musicians on this wall. I did not know who Ria Mae or Tyler Shaw were until now.

As you can see One Day Creates did this earlier version on this same wall.

Emily Mae Rose Mural

Not sure what this was for but it’s by Emily Mae Rose and it’s been there for about a year now.

Clandestino Traffic Signal Box

One of the original traffic signal boxes from 2014 by Shalak Attack and Bruno Smoky.

Toronto Graffiti Street Art Located Here:

Bkez Door Mural

Stumbled on this mural that Bkez did back in 2018 – kinda fits the semi-pride theme I have going.

Toronto Graffiti Street Art Located Here:

Jerry & Hakan Traffic Signal Box

I don’t know the story behind this traffic signal box. It’s not listed on the official city site. The bottom just says “Jerry and Hakan 2014”.

Toronto Graffiti Street Art Located Here:

Dudeman Door Art

This is entrance to the Bovine Sex Club – a live music club that has been around for a long long time. Artwork by Dudeman.

Toronto Graffiti Street Art Located Here:

Hornet Mural

The last time I went by here that garbage dumpster was open and I refuse to touch or more garbage – so much picture wasn’t so good. However, this time the dumpster was closed so I was able to get a better picture of this mural.

Toronto Graffiti Street Art Located Here:

Meet Here Street Art

These metal plaques have been around the city since the 1980’s but I think someone has made their own versions of them.

This one says “Do you think you are tough… Meet Here Sundays at 1:00”

AM or PM ?

Toronto Graffiti Street Art Located Here:

Doodle Graffiti

Found this graffiti doodle… kinda liking it !

Toronto Graffiti Street Art Located Here:

I’ll be working on my next post sooner than later !

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