Tagging on side of garage

Tagging on side of garage in the west end. This has a beautiful message on it. Most of the tags that I see in these back alleyways are not as nice as this

Graffiti tag

Tagging on side of garage

“When You Love Someone Let Them Know”
. “Quando você ama alguém, avise-os “🇧🇷 .
Before I found all those art garage doors… I found this garage wall graffiti 20 minutes earlier.

Someone on Facebook commented that the owner might be angry.. but all around this 🚗 garage were a lot more nearby with extremely offensive language. A lot had F-this F-that.. Personally, I would just leave it if I were them.. its a nice thought 💭

Tagging photo captured on 06/21/17 at the location below:

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