Urban Exploration 09/09/17

Urban Streetart Exploration 09/09/17. Catching up with graffiti tag burner, sticker slap, aerosol murals collaborations all in west end downtown Toronto


Urban Exploration from September 9th.

Catching up with some of the pictures that I took but I never posted.

@il_cek made some stickers near his studio in Parkdale. I posted them in my Instagram stories.
They have been altered since he posted them shortly after.

1) Toronto Street Art Graffiti

“I made this sticker so I can pretend I’m a street artist”

Toronto Street Art Graffiti

Then someone cut the top off so now it just reads “pretend I’m a street artist”


2) Toronto Street Art Graffiti

“Very clever statement that makes you question your miserable life”

Toronto Street Art Graffiti

Then someone edited this one as well so it just reads “Very clever TAT that make you question your miserable life”

He works in concrete design sculptures but sometimes he does a stick slap campaign to advertise his artwork.

Toronto Graffiti Sticker Slaps Found at this Location:


Wheatpaste Throw up Collaboration

Toronto Street Art Graffiti

By @urbanninjasquadron and @roc_514 who is from Montreal TBonez does a lot of collaborations with people from around the globe. Everywhere from the USA to Germany.


Graffiti Wall Tag

Toronto Street Art Graffiti

Just says “Payment – Send the Paint Later”


Graffiti Burner

Toronto Street Art Graffiti

By @mr_tensoe2 – I can’t figure out when this was done. Pretty sure that the graffiti tag above is by him as well.

Toronto Graffiti Street Art Found at this Location:



Butterfly Collaboration by Spudbomb

Toronto Street Art Graffiti

Never realized that this Butterfly was a collaboration between @vibeartsto with @pascalpaquette …. @spud1_spudbomb until yesterday.

I’ve noticed a lot of these murals way up high. I think for the artists who do them it must be a great experience. Unfortunately, for us spectators as ground level we never get to see the entire mural. This part is really nice.. from what I can see.



Toronto Graffiti Street Art Found at this Location:

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