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Public Street Artwork

Public street artwork photos captured in Toronto, Canada. Images of large and small murals that are done with aersol spray sometimes referred to as graffiti but is wonderful artwork. Large scale murals are sometimes financed by a local business that is trying to promote its services.

Small murals may be as simple as a design on the front of a store, even on the door or at the entrance. Vans are included in this broad category as well as sculptures.

Large scale murals don’t take as long to make as one would except. Most of the hardwork goes into the planning. Some huge murals can take as little time as a week.

Murals that are several stories high generally need a lift so that the artist can work without having to climb up and down a ladder. However, some murals will only be done by the use of a ladder which is very time consuming.

Artists will wear masks to protect themselves from the aerosol spray as it can cause health problems.

Orange in the new black

Orange in the new black advertising mural off of Church St. Its a pasteup and you can see in this picture that the rain hasn’t been kind to this billboard Original artwork by local artist Ness Lee Found this today.. and thought that there used to be a billboard advertisement …

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Huge Mural by Olaf Schneider

Huge Mural by Olaf Schneider on the outside of a shelter in Etobicoke. Its perfect for the location and features a nest being held up by the community   Westend Public Street Art mural   I went out of my element on Wednesday to get this window thing at Lowes …

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Unknown burner in west end

Original graffiti burner artwork

  Unknown burner in the west end might as well complete it with another one from February 1. I had another picture I was going to post but I’ll save it Original graffiti burner This was in an alleyway with lots of these everywhere. I’ll be honest when I first …

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Skamoney works live on lift


Skamoney working live on a lift in the west end of the city. He works a lot in this neighbourhood. I talked to one of his neighbours a year ago Live mural with graffiti burner Updated- it’s @skamoney 🎨 — It’s definitely mural season 🎨.. Starting to see a lot …

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Easter themed mural artwork

Easter themed mural artwork and a collaboration in a back alley. This mural had been tagged by someone who is destroying art murals around the city Awesome mural collaboration with Birdo The left hand Lindt Gold bunny is @jerryrugg … the right just says ACK and I don’t know if …

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Massive mural by Young Jarus

Massive mural by Young Jarus just north of Kensington market. He apparently was working on a lift to create this one on the side of condominium building Large scale artwork downtown Brand πŸ†• @youngjarus from today. Looks like he just finished it this afternoon. He has a better photo of …

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Sidewalk art Victor Fraser

Sidewalk art by Victor Fraser is a very dedicated artist with a very kind heart. So impressed by the about of work that he has done around the city Tribute artwork to the Nurses on the sidewalk Finally, got to meet and chat with Victor Fraser ( @whatsvictorupto ) yesterday …

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Tribute to baseball team

Tribute to baseball team along a back alley again on Queen St West. This artist has large amount of murals & artwork in this particular interesting laneway   Back πŸ”™ to back πŸ”™ Birdo 🐦 Another one by @jerrryrugg with his regular mural partner 🎨 @mr_tensoe2 that is just a …

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Mr Potato Head by Jerry Rugg

Mr Potato Head by Jerry Rugg or Birdo. This is an an alley behind where some restaurants and clothing stores are all along Queen St West in downtown Toronto Amazing mural in a laneway One by @jerrryrugg that I pass all the time. The sunlight usually puts shadows all over …

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Collaboration Chinatown

Beautiful mural collaboration in Chinatown by Li Hill who is now based out of Brooklyn and PA System who are Patrick Thompson his partner Alexa Hatanaka   Large wall mural for the BIA of Chinatown   I’ve seen this when I go by on the streetcar quite a lot.. but …

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Bugs Bunny in a small mural

Bugs Bunny in a small mural found in the west end of Toronto. No credit is given & 1 of a long list of ‘artist unknown’ that I have had the pleasure to see   Unknown Artist   Anyone know what this if for ? I’ve seen it on here …

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