Clandestinosart Wall Mural

Clandestinosart Wall Aerosol Art Mural

Clandestinosart Wall Mural near Geary/Ossington in Toronto. I don't consider this one graffiti at all, this is beautiful artwork done with aerosol spray

This is near Geary/Ossington in Toronto. I don’t consider this one graffiti at all, this is beautiful artwork done with aerosol spray


This is my final one of this series… It’s again by @clandestinosart .. With @shalakattack & @brunosmoky... I saved this for last because the previous 5 are all hidden around the alleyway to the left ⬅ of this HUGE mural. .

I was kinda ticked off 📴 that that car 🚗 was there.. But it actually blends in and it gives you the scope of the size of this massive mural. .

I was more ticked off 📴 that that SOLD sign was in the middle of the artwork 🎨.. But to their credit they could have put it in a worse spot.. .
Again, this is dealing with an environmental theme with nature and animals. . .
You have to stop ✋ and take it all in – to appreciate it properly .. Which, is why photos are better to absorb it all later. .

They are hopefully not thinking I am over posting their work 😂 .
.. But it really does stand out… Especially, with their South American influences.. I tend to notice these more in the dull days of winter ❄️ .. Their color 🎨 choices really stand out and it makes me feel — briefly that I am in a different part of the world 🌍.. .
Enjoy your week 🙌 Everyone .
. (I’ll be posting pictures 📷 other than art 🎨 this coming week but I felt I should have posted these in a sequence

July 2017 Update: This mural is still there and the For Sale sign has been removed. But all the murals that were to left of this have been altered. That is the problem with this type of art. Some people still consider this ‘graffiti‘ which I don’t understand. So much time and effort goes into this work. I don’t understand people’s thinking.

Toronto ‘Graffiti’ Found at this Location:

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