Elicser Elliot Aerosol Mural

Elicser Elliot Aerosol Mural work in progress. Caught this amazing graffiti street artist working on his latest artwork today and watched him in action

Toronto Graffiti Street Art Mural

Toronto Street Art Graffiti Photo

Got to see @elicserelliott at work today on his latest mural..

This is the second time I’ve been so lucky 🍀 . The first time was in November of 2015 and I honestly didn’t know who he was. I had seen his artwork all around the city but I didn’t know his name. He was working on a ladder back then in a parking lot. Was amazing how quickly he was able to finish his mural. He had it completed in a few days.

2 years later and I have posted a lot of his murals. Like a lot of his work. He’s one of the more known artists in the city. He’s very prolific in the downtown core.

This is actually a replacement mural for one of his older pieces. (I swear the one that he is replacing was there for 6 or 7 years). I will have to do another before and after once this is completed. I really liked that one a lot – but unfortunately the weather – especially Canadian winters really take a toll on some of these outdoor murals. It was starting to look a little ragged with some paint peeling etc. It was still a wonderful mural.. I actually will miss seeing it because it had been there for so long.

I didn’t talk to him.. because as I mentioned earlier I hate disturbing people when they are working.. plus, he was on lift this time around. However, I did get a chance to chat with @blazeworks who was also here. That is his bike actually. He gave me the scoop.

Never sure if I should post some of these “work in progress” photos because its not a completed project. But I do find it interesting to see how the artists work on these larger murals.. and he does a few of the photos posted on his own account..

He hopes to have it finished soon and I will post the larger complete mural when it is completed.. It looks amazing already

Bonus Art Mural Photos

Toronto Street Art Graffiti Photo Toronto Street Art Graffiti Photo

Toronto Graffiti Street Art Found at this Location





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