Fire station tribute hydrant

Fire station tribute hydrant at a fire station downtown. Victor Fraser has painted murals on the sidewalks in front of most of the stations and this is his

Cute fire hydrant painted with a dog

Cute fire hydrant painted with a dog


First off.. So Sorry to the people of Manchester and thoughts are with the victims of yesterday’s tragedy. ..#prayformanchester🙏❤️ .
A fair amount of my followers are huge fan’s of Ariana Grande.. so I can only imagine that a lot of you must be thinking that ‘it could have been me’. So sad 😔 to think about it 💭 .

So awful that these stories are becoming apart of the news on a regular basis. It makes me feel ill to my stomach. 😷
A friend and her mother are there on vacation right now.. thankfully, they are fine.. no where near the stadium.

Anyway.. on Saturday there was a fire on Yonge St and they had the area roped up with fire trucks 🚒 👩‍🚒 … when I turned the corner.. I went by the actual station that the men were from.. and they had a mural in front on the sidewalk painted by @whatsvictorupto .. I’m not sure if he did this dog 🐶 hydrant …as well but its very close by… Last nights events made me realize that when people are fleeing chaos – these men and women are heading towards it. Makes you think and appreciate that someone could do that for their community.


Artwork photo captured at this Toronto location:


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