Head Video Mural Tree Carving

Head Video Mural Tree Carving from my original Instagram post that no one really liked. Aerosol streetart at the top is by Clandestino Art, west end Toronto

Head Video Mural Tree Carving

(from original Instagram post)


I forgot to post some of these.. so, i’m going to post them in a collage layout… 4 posts into 1 !





1) The top image is art 🎨 by @clandestinosart Its one that I can never get a decent photo of.. I have passed it so many times in the last year and a half. Whenever I go by this mural – the light is always – just not right… This photo from July 7th is probably as good as I am going to get. That light is always right across it.. or there are a whole bunch of trash cans in front of it.

I think its two witches stirring up some brew with crows watching in the distance.

2) This tree 🌲 carving is from last Sunday.. which, is what reminded me about all the ‘heads’ that I have been seeing lately.. this is by “Tree Spirit Carver” Colin Partridge. I’ve only seen two of these in High Park.. I guess the idea is that he is carving the spirit of the tree. Not sure how I feel about the ones that are carved into the living trees. Hopefully, it doesn’t harm them. When its cherry blossom time all the toursits stop and stare at this one. .
3) That tree carving reminded me of this picture that I had taken July 6th. When I passed a barbershop they had all these heads 🗿on tripods in the window. It kinda freaked me out at first.. but then I realized that it must be for training purposes. .
4) Then that barbershop 💈reminded me about their barberpole that I took a video of, right after Halloween around sunset 🌅time.
I just recently went to a barbershop for the first time in April. I’ve started to notice a lot of them over the last few years. Barber poles are so cool would be cool … it would be great to have one in the bathroom.

And that is what this is all about collage is all about !


Here are the street art photos from the video

Clandestino Art

Toronto street art graffiti

Toronto Graffiti Street Art Found Here:


Bruno Smoky Solo Street Art


Toronto street art graffiti

Toronto Graffiti Street Art Found Here:


Here is the tree carving


tree carving

Toronto Carving Art Found Here:

I did an earlier version of the same heads the extra head is by Bruno Smoky on the bottom right




Then I did another version and added the head from a Onesie store on Dundas.




I think I’ve been in a silly mood…



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