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Original Toronto Street Graffiti

Lizard Graff in back alley

Lizard Graff in back alley in west end of Toronto near Honest Eds. I have seen a lot of these around town but this is probably the best of the bunch so far Original Toronto Street Graffiti I just posted one of these yesterday.. and just today found another one. …

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Violeta Parra tribute mural

Chilean composer, songwriter, folklorist, ethnomusicologist and visual artist’ – according to Wikipedia. It’s the 100th anniversary of her birth this year.     Live art from west end mural   By @paulatikay and @a_n_e_r from Chile and assistance by @alapinta who had that cool car parked outside. They were using …

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General Lee mural Luv Sumone

General Lee mural by Luv Sumone at an Auto Repair Shop. πŸš— There’s a really cool graffiti burner right next to this 2 (actually, to the left of this)   General Lee and Graff Burner Really loving this artist that I recently discovered.. ! So much good vibes ! 😊 …

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Stencil of child with bear

  Stencil of child with teddy bear in one hand and a machine gun in the other. Thought this was really interesting and very well hidden from plain view Artwork that I dedicated   I wasn’t going to post anything tonight.. but after the latest attacks in London πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ .. …

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Wonder woman mural on garage

Wonder woman mural on garage that I posted for when the movie came out. Its very nice to see this. There are other super heroes all around with batman   Superheroes mural at mechanic shop   I was saving this one for awhile and I meant to post it yesterday …

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Love Transforms Live Mural

Love Transforms Live Mural on Dupont with the artist known as IamNatee on the right in the distance. This is for an LGBTQ digital awareness campaign by BBDO tee✊🏾 Toronto based A Throwback.. ! from a just few hours ago ! (it probably doesn’t count as a throwback.. but oh …

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Bruno Smoky and Shalak Attack working onf mural

Clandestinosart working live

Clandestinosart working live and this is a picture of them working in the rain with ladders. Very dedicated and amazing that they can this types of murals   Bruno Smoky and Shalak Attack working on mural   Thrilled to have finally seen @shalakattack & @brunosmoky working together as @clandestinosart . …

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Bunny Traffic Signal Box

Bunny Traffic Signal Box by an artist who has an online store. They sell crafts and sweaters. Which is probably why this bunny is wearing a sweater   Utility artwork outside as cafe in west end   A Sunday Bunny by @fidoodle “For the dreamers”. Another Traffic Signal Box right …

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