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The YouTube video clip is a compilation of some the graffiti and street art that I found during the last week of March.

Collaboration Mural by Dave Persue & Emmanuel Jarus

Toronto Street Art Graffiti

Collaboration Mural by Dave Persue & Emmanuel Jarus

Its April Fools Day and Easter… I can’t remember this ever happening before… I was looking for something to post for Easter… I went through my picture library and figured a bunny art picture would be good. I went back all the way to November 21, 2015 and found this by Dave Persue @persue1 and Emmanuel Jarus @youngjarus. He says this on his account from November 15th, 2013 “Cash grab! Persue X Jarus” ..

I never posted this before because I was just learning about street art back then. This is one of the first murals that caught my attention. Since this picture was taken; I’ve seen Jarus working live in October and just recently in February ..

Happy Easter Everyone !

Happy Easter Everyone !

Toronto Graffiti Street Art Found Here:

Aerosol Raccoon Mural by Gabriel Kizmet

Toronto Street Art Graffiti

🎨 by @kizmet32

So right after I saw that raccoon in broad daylight.. I took a path in an alley I hadn’t been down before..

And I am not making this up… but I found this mural by Gabriel Kizmet on a garage door with a raccoon on it.. done back in 2016

I’ve noticed a lot of street art with racoons .. they really do run this town… This garage door art must have been a graffiti prevention piece.. there was a fair bit of graffiti down this laneway.


Garage Door Mural by Oriah Scott

Toronto Street Art Graffiti
Oriah Scott

I found this garage door mural right across from the raccoon mural last night…

NO signature… by this is by Oriah Scott

It looks like LightHouses by the Ocean 🌊

PS there’s no emoji for Lighthouse.. there should be ! . Somehow she found this post on Instagram and let me know that this is her artwork. She said it wasn’t quite complete.

Toronto Graffiti Street Art Found Here:

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