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Garage Door Murals Near School

Toronto Street Art Graffiti featuring Garage Door Murals Near School
including one with food groups plus art by Douglas Vanasselstine in Kensington Market


4 Basic Food Groups Mural

Garage Door Murals Near School

How is this — for one of the coolest garage doors ever ?

This picture is from July 11, 2016.. surprised I didn’t post it !

It’s from one of my alleyway finds.. It was near a school.. so it must have something to do with education.

I think that this is showing the 4 Basic Food Groups – which in Canada is

vegetables and fruit.
grain products.
milk and alternatives.
meat and alternatives.

So between “Hey” and “Hello” I see..

1) A sandwich on the left which would be the grain products
2) A fish in the middle which would cover the meat & alternatives
3) I see a lemon and some cherries which covers vegetables and fruit
4) The piece of cheese would count for milk and alternatives !

The fish is looking at a bone.. which has a happy face.. – so eating all of these foods leads to healthy and happy bones ! I would like to know why those cherries are sitting on that piece of cheese.

Does that make any sense ? or is it just some stuff on a the side of a door ?

The signature on the right just says JSTANTONICA — that is all I know.


Yinka Dene Alliance Mural

Garage Door Murals Near School

This is a little further down from the previous artwork and it says “Right On Yinka Dene Alliance.” Which, according to Wiki is coalition of 6 First Nations from British Columbia organized to prevent the Northern Gateway Pipelins from being built through their territories.

It looks like a man wearing a baseball cap and mask. The signature is hard to read as it just says LEXR on the bottom right hand side.

197 1/2 Baldwin St Kensington

Garage Door Murals Near School

This is in the same back alley near the school. The signature on the left says “Vanasselstine -2015”. Appears to be the work of Douglas Vanasselstine.

After going through his Instagram .. I have seen a lot of his work around the city.


He has a video on Youtube with this artwork featured as well

Toronto Street Art Graffiti Found at this Location

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