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November 2015 Video Tube Clip

November 2015 Video Tube Clip features aerosol street art found downtown Toronto. Graff tagging, aerosol murals, hand painted artwork with original music track


Toronto Art Graffiti Video November 2015

These are all from 11/2015, I have noticed that since I took these pictures some of them are no longer around. Other murals have been tagged and some of the graffiti has been washed over.

After the Introduction build – what I can remember


1) Chuck Jarus… I have no idea who that is.. but I like the way that he signed his name.


2) Star Trek mural.. that was recently tagged. I never went to that Tumblr address until now.

It says on the site..

“Artwork of Colin Campbell Currently living in Toronto His fake trek punk band is called HARDCORE FENTON MUDD
this abbreviates to HCFM his novel is called Tales from the Grey Earth and takes place in ARCHBAN. It will be completed this century.

There are a lot of Science Fiction images on that site.. This mural makes a lot of sense now…

3) This one has been painted over. Not sure who this was by.. its in a parkette.


4) @ansermysteriousdate on construction site. The condo project has been completed — so, the scaffolding and this artwork are no longer here.


5) This another unknown artist


6) Unknown artist – think this was behind a restaurant and that the artwork is still there. The garbage piled up is someone interesting.

7) This mural is still here. None of the artists at the back of this location are credited…


8) This obviously has been taken to the dump


9) Under the bridge by the ravine.. all of that graffiti gets washed over and new graffiti appears.. and the cycle continues


10) “The cosmic existence shines through”.. so it does


11) This this is still around.. Says its by “Doh Crew”. I’ve noticed a lot of the use of Doh in artwork.. must be a Simpsons reference.


12) This is by Oscar Kwong .. its still there.. his site says “a designer currently living in Toronto. His work examines the youthful yet meditative qualities of our daily life, and attempts to translate these feelings through the expression of everyday objects.”


13) By @whoisrandom and is still around…

14) by @skamoney.. still around


15) This has been around for ages.. I don’t know did this one. I’ve noticed lately that the paint is starting to flake off


16) Another @skamoney – still there


17) @artchild416 – still there


18) by @chippewar an artist from Chippewas Of The Thames First Nation and this is still there


19) Not art.. but I liked the texture


20) Another unknown artist… its been there a long time.. and still going strong.


21) Unknown.. think this was tagged.. it was on a garage door.


22) Still there..


23) Another by @whoisrandom..

Artwork found all over city of Toronto



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