Urban Exploration November 19, 2017

Toronto Street Art Graffiti Urban Exploration featuring traffic signal box by Bkez, some graff tagging, wheatpaste Slole Slaps plus new mural by Young Jarus


More exploring from Sunday – November 19th, 2017 – it was kinda cold and miserable out but I figured — its sunny out might as well go and see if I can find some new street and graffiti.

Utility Box Graffiti

Toronto Street Art Graffiti

They painted this over last year and less than 12 months later its looks like this again. This one is right by High Park at the Queensway. I imagine that will paint over it again.. and again it will look pretty much like this after that. I’ve noticed that “Peachie” tag everywhere – he does lizards as well all over the city. 

Lizard Graff in back alley

Toronto Graffiti Street Art Found at this Location


Traffic Signal Box by Bkez

Toronto Street Art Graffiti
Toronto Street Art Graffiti

This is at the southern entrance to High Park. Bareket said she did this one 5 years ago and it was her first. She has a picture of this on her Instagram account but the background looked different. She said that it had originally been at Queen and Ossington but had been moved later to this location.

Here it was at its original location:

She said she’s going to give this one ‘some love’ soon. It does need some repair as the paint is starting to peel in some sections and there are some sticker slaps on it as well. There was some construction down here during the summer – so it might have gotten some dings from all the trucks.

She is the artist who puts the “Smile” stickers all over the city. Her project is to put out 365 days of smiles all over the city.

Toronto Graffiti Street Art Found at this Location


Wheat Paste Throw up by Slole Slaps

Toronto Street Art Graffiti

Don’t know much about this guy. He seems to be very active in the Roncesvalles area. This one is nearby by the Dundas Street Subway station. Not sure what Slole Slaps stands for either.

Graffiti Tag by Peachie

Toronto Street Art Graffiti

Again, there’s that tagger who goes by “Peachie”. He does a lot of these swirls. He seems to be using different colors of paint now.

Toronto Graffiti Street Art Found at this Location

New Young Jarus Mural

Toronto Street Art Graffiti

This was was nearly impossible to shoot with my phone. I’ll have to bring a better camera next time. This is at the back of the future home of the Canadian Museum of Contemporary Art.

There was another one by Young Jarus of a similar nude woman and you could just see her backside. This seems to be an updated version of the same thing. Its a little more subdued that the previous one. Not sure why they didn’t wait until all the construction was complete but he did say that he was headed down to Mexico for an art festival.

The whole area is under construction so I had to zoom in through the fence. I even went all around the building to see if I could get a better shot. Posting both of the angles here.

Toronto Street Art Graffiti

Toronto Graffiti Street Art Found at this Location






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