Mural Artist Project Ravina Gardens Park

Mural Artist Project Ravina Gardens Park

Ravina Gardens Park Street Art

Part two of my post about the project that was done back in 2016. It’s just north of the High Park Subway stop. The park is kinda of secluded you have to go up a long path. I walked there so I don’t even know if there is parking other than on the road.

Most of the street art was pretty much tag free. I went in the winter because I knew it wouldn’t be so busy. Plus some of the ivy is growing over the murals so it’s best to go there before spring. IMHO.

Blue Jay Player Mural

This is obviously a mural for baseball. I don’t know my Toronto Blue Jay players.. but I know this is one !

The problem with a lot of these murals is they had no credits on them so I don’t know who did them. Over on the official WallNoize Instagram account they posted pictures of the murals but they didn’t credit the street artist.

Mediah Mural

I know this mural is by Mediah. Surprisingly it was tagged which is weird because not many of them were tagged. This is cycling as a sport.

Bowling Mural

Again another mural without a credit. If I find out who did these later on I will update this post.

DudeMan Mural

I would have know that this is by Dudeman just by the skulls. He had an art show just about a year ago that I attended. I am glad that he credited himself as not everyone would know this is Dudeman.

This has to be tennis.

Shinobi Studios Mural

This artist uses those characters a lot in his street art. Car racing.

TuffyTatts Mural

This must be lacrosse and it’s by TuffyTatts who also goes by Horus but is actually Trevor Goodwin. Oh and he does tattoos ! So now you know.

You can see here what I meant about the ivy ? If you go in the summer the mural will be obscured.

Chuck Taylor Mural

I think this is by Chuck Taylor but I am not 100% sure. Is this a depiction of bodybuilding ?

Horse Racing Mural

Another that I don’t know who it’s by.

Andre Kan Mural

Even if Andre Kan hadn’t put his name on the mural I would know that it is by him. He has a distinct style.

Kick Boxing Mural

Pretty sure that this is kick boxing.

Hastex Mural

Not only did Hastex credit the mural.. but they actually put the name of the sport! Scuba Diving !

Sky Diving Mural

This mural only says “Flying High” which means it must be Sky Diving !

Bkez Mural

Finally, this mural by Bkez completes that large wall. The height gets smaller after this section.

Toronto Street Art Graffiti Found Here:

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