Ravina Gardens Park Mural Artist Project

Ravina Gardens Park Mural Artist Project

WallNoize Ravina Garden Street Art Project

Back in October of 2016 WallNoize organized this project with over 40 artists. Can’t find much official information about WallNoize other than what they have on the Instagram account:

Working with and showcasing Toronto’s graffiti artists. No beef, no drama just pure unity, Cruz1.

CityNews Street Art Video

The project made the news back then and this video clip pretty much encapsulates what it’s all about.

There are so many that I can’t cover all of the murals in one post. I’ll just do some of the highlights.

Most of the artists aren’t credited on the WallNoize Instagram account so I will do my best to credit where I can !

Deadboyart & Mska Collab Mural

This is the first one if you go from left to right or west to east. (it must be challenging to assign all the different areas). This is a collaboration with Deadboyart and Mska. They did some of the art with stencils. This mural represents yoga.

Gosia Komorski Mural

To the right is Gosia Komorski and you can see how they blend together. This represents rock climbing

WhoisRandom Mural

This is by WhoisRandom and represents boxing. It’s a tribute to Muhammad Ali who died that year.

I couldn’t get the best photos of this section because there were a bunch of people hanging out on a picnic table in the corner.

Rachel Wilmshurt Mural

I checked out Rachel Wilmshurst’s website and found her post about this mural !

7′ x 14′ football themed mural painted as part of the Wallnoize and Street Art Toronto Ravina Gardens Sports Mural Project.


Spudbomb Mural

Hockey is portrayed by Spudbomb

Andre Castro Mural

This abstract mural is by Andre Castro. This is a wolf.

KungFu Mural

This Kung Fu mural was tagged a bit.. but not bad considering these were all done 3 and half years ago. I don’t know who this is by.

Basketball Mural

Again another mural that I don’t know who this is by. It’s about basketball.

Flips Mural

This is a soccer ball as done by Flips !

Daily Hive Article

There was an article on Daily Hive about this project back 2016

In an attempt to continue diversifying Toronto and reduce graffiti vandalism, StreetARToronto (also known as StART) in collaboration with Wallnoize had 40 local artists install a series of murals at Ravina Gardens Park over the weekend.

The murals’ theme depicted sporting activities, and the art took place on August 27 and 28 on walls that have been targeted by graffiti vandalism several times.


Toronto Street Art Graffiti Found Here:

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