Shalak Attack Aerosol Murals

Shalak Attack Aerosol Murals


Graffiti art posted back in January. Large scale graffiti street artwork in West End & Regent Park downtown Toronto. By Canadian artist


Catching up on my posts from Instagram. I have a lot of pictures that I need to post. This I posted on January 31, 2017.


Shalak Attack Aerosol Murals

And another by @clandestinosart.. With @brunosmoky and @shalakattack that I took way back in December of 2015… Again, it’s apart of a larger mural with a bird 🐦 to the right ↪ of this.. But it’s huge… Check ☑ them out they just did some live 🎨 at the 🇨🇦 consulate in Miami.. And amazing couple 👏👏👏 . . .

She says on her account “The city can feel rigid and unforgiving… When we paint our murals I remind myself that we all have the power in our own ways to be part of it… its up to us to recreate the city and make it our own by sharing ourselves with it… And by sharing yourself with the city you are also becoming part of it and it becomes part of you…”

Here are some other pictures of the same beautiful artwork – It was created back in 2015

Shalak Attack Aerosol Murals Shalak Attack Aerosol Murals

Toronto Street Art found at this location


This I posted the day earlier on January 30, 2017

shalak attack street graffiti mural

One that I was sure that I had posted already by @clandestinosart 🎨@brunosmoky @shalakattack… Because I’ve taken so many pictures of it over the last 12 months. I looked and I didn’t post it .. I’ve seen it on Instagram quite a few times.. It’s apart of a larger mural.. But because of the way that the buildings 🏢 are close together you can’t get the whole thing into one photo 📷.. It’s one best better experienced in person
It’s very beautiful work and to me she looks a little bit like Scarlett Johansson.. But I don’t think it is 😀 .

This was created in September 2014 and she says on her account “Our Clandestinos Warrior and Dragon mural at 51 Baldwin, ”

Toronto Street Art found at this location

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