Timmy Drift Aerosol Mural Wall Artwork

Timmy Drift Mural

February Urban Street Art Exploration

Winter blues time of the year. Mural season won’t start for at least a month so it’s time to check out the murals that have been around for awhile. There’s a few that have been fixed up – removing the tags and basica upkeep.

Timmy Drift Mural

I always seem to find a Timmy Drift mural after a fresh snowfall.. the snowdrifts really pop up his great colors !

I didn’t realize this until I read his Instagram post.. and I will quote him: “Working on updating this wall I originally painted back in 2014, which was holding up alright until a pyro lit a car on fire and burnt it down to the original bricks πŸš—πŸ”₯”

That’s got to be a first for a mural !

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Summer fun 🌞 ( πŸ“· – @artistsmeals )

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This is also by Timmy Drift in the same alley.

I think the character on the right is by Timmy as well.

Toronto Graffiti Street Art Found Here:

Croft Street Art

Took a tour down Croft street which is kinda like a mini-graffiti alley.

DudeManArt Garage Door Mural

Got a good shot of this DudeManArt mural. There was some garbage in front the last time I went down here.

Bruno Smoky Mural

This amazing mural by Bruno looks better on video.


The ubiquitous monster by the Grominator is always lurking in the back alleys.

Oriah Scott Mural

This mural by Oriah Scott also looks great on video.

Toronto Graffiti Street Art Found Here:

Jon McTavish Bell Box Mural

This Bell Box by Jon McTavish is nearby the Light UP Laneway Project. He describes himself as “Graphic Designer and Artist. World traveler. Snow/wake junkie. Climber & adventure seeker.” on his Instagram.

Raoul Olou Garage Door Mural

This garage door mural by Raoul Olou was apart of the Light Up Laneway in 2018. In the summertime ivy covers up the artwork so it’s best to see in the winter months.

Raoul has a couple of great time lapse videos of his progress.

Raoul Olou is a multidisciplinary artist based in Toronto, whose work focuses on home, belonging and archiving the mundane.

Recently, Olou was selected by the Akin Studio Program as one of 30 artists to move their studios into the newly opened Museum of Contemporary Art Toronto. He also participated in charity auctions including Art with Heart to support HIV care.

Raoul Olou

Toronto Graffiti Street Art Found Here:

Dundas West Bia Mural

This mural on Dundas West gets tagged a lot. At the beginning of January the team at Dundas West Museum repaired it and made it even better.

Toronto Graffiti Street Art Found Here:

LoveBot Robot Mural

Another mural that gets tagged a lot is this one by LoveBot. There’s a new dedication on the left hand side. “Painted in loveing memory of Matt Kirby and Keith Haring.”

I think that Matt was a friend of LoveBot and Matt was a fan of Keith Haring.

Keith Allen Haring (May 4, 1958 – February 16, 1990) was an American artist whose pop art and graffiti-like work grew out of the New York City street culture of the 1980s


Toronto Graffiti Street Art Found Here:

ClandestinosArt Mural

Another mural by Bruno Smoky and Shalak Attack that looks better on video. Bruno said that they put 3 layers of varnish on this to protect it from taggers. It worked I have never seen a tag on this wall.

Toronto Graffiti Street Art Found Here:

Graffiti Alley Murals

I took another recent tour through Graffiti Alley.

Uber5000 Mural

This huge mural by Uber5000 has been around for at least 5 years maybe 7.

WorkingSpy3000 Mural

This mural by WorkingSpy has been there for a few months. Its been tagged and then someone put another mural of a spider.

Then someone else painted over the spider and put up this flower. But they left the original mural of the woman.

Toronto Graffiti Street Art Found Here:

Pretty Things Sticker Art

Found this sticker art by Pretty Things and Skulls

My name is Neil. I like pretty things and skulls. I play with vector art and mixed media.


Toronto Graffiti Street Art Found Here:

Troy Lovegates Mural

I don’t think I posted this mural by Troy Lovegates before. Now I can I have !.

Fathom Mural

This video shows off this one by Fathom that’s around the corner from the Troy Lovegates mural.

It’s similar to this one.

Toronto Graffiti Street Art Found Here:

Oriah Scott Mural

Just today I noticed this other mural by Oriah Scott. It was down in 2018 and usually there is a car parked in front which is why I never saw this one before.

Toronto Graffiti Street Art Found Here:

Hopefully March will be better this year than last year so that the upcoming mural season can start !

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